Nabatean Civilization by Ashraf, Palestine – photo essay –

From the north of Damascus to the south of Ola, and from the east of Sham and Naqab to Gaza and Sinai, they built an Empire. The Nabateans were smart people. They worked on copper mining , agriculture, and trade. They established sophisticated systems and lifestyles in this region thousands of years ago. At the time, these people knew a different map than the one we do know today . Does it really matter if I don’t have Nabatean citizenship today? Or that I don’t look, act, and behave as a Nabatean? Will it really matter to be a Palestinian or Israeli two thousand years from now? I bet that will be sarcasm of that generation – when they study the history and they find out that we used to not be able to live together. Let us all write the history of our next generation. What do we want them to hear about ourselves, while we are living it? Let us all understand that human ethics and values are what really last forever.

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