People, Culture, Traditions by Kaoutar, Morocco – photo essay –

I decided to share with you these pictures about my people, my country, and my culture. This includes women, men, youth, landscapes, monuments, outfits, and traditions. When I think of my country, I always think of  ‘simplicity’. People in my country are simple. We want a better life, and we try our best to work hard for it. People in my country are kind. We are diverse, and our diversity and kindness are what make us Moroccans. People in my country are generous. With a smile on her face, wearing her traditional clothes, a woman will welcome you in her house. She will treat you like a member of her family, like one of her children, just because you asked to. And this is just one example. In my country we have a lot of problems, and yes, we may not have it all, but we do have many things that we’re thankful for. And one of those things is the ‘PEOPLE’. Yes, these are different people from different parts, but at the end they are, we are, the same.

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