University Life by Imen, Tunisia – photo essay –

In the middle of this small community also called “university,” I like to share with you a part of my everyday life, sometimes I even spend almost all the day there. With these strange people whom I meet almost everyday yet I only know a few among this group. These beautiful individuals shown in the pictures below also represent “YOUTH.” Sometimes, I look at these faces thinking about our future: What will our lives be like in 5 or 10 years later? Will I be able to recognize their faces as I do now? Would they know me, if they walk by me across the street? Would I remember how loud they were in the library that time we were supposed to be quiet?  Will I remember the beautiful laughs and the mean ones, the loudest and those hidden? I like to be around these people everyday though sometimes they seem to be so mean, or  too popular to talk to. So far you don’t know who they are yet so close as this small community expose us to each other everyday. These pictures show how mute the sound is when you take an instance from life yet in reality, the sounds of their laughs and chats still hurt my hearing when it crosses my mind. These photos were taken by me in the High institute of Management in Tunisia where I currently study.

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