What Do They Think About Me, by Walla Shweiki.

There was a little girl named Lele. She was her parents’ only daughter. Lele’s parents pampered her with all sorts of things and had high hopes for her. She grew up to be an intelligent girl; she always got top grades and she was good at sports. All in all she was an ideal student. Having followed a fixed set of rules all her life, when Lele entered college she found it a bit difficult to make friends as she always considered herself better than others. As time went by, Lele scaled new heights but became overconfident of her abilities. She also never cared for what others had to say about her because she assumed what she was doing everything right! Hence, Lele never bothered to change herself and remained what she was – overconfident, successful, and awesome! This was what Lele thought of herself. Years after, Lele went to her college reunion party, where they played a game where everyone named one like and one dislike about everyone else in the room. Lele came back disheartened from the party after she came to know what her friends used to think of her and that they still had the same opinion. In simple words, Lele took her opinion of herself to be the world’s opinion, and that was the biggest mistake of her life.

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