Agadir’s beach suffers from pollution by Khadija Amahal, Morocco

Agadir is one of the most famous cities in Morocco. People visit it during the whole year because they fall in love with its charm, warm weather, and the generosity of its citizens. Agadir is not only visited by Moroccans but also by foreigners, who admit how much they enjoy their stay in this beautiful city. However, because of the irresponsible practices of people, the charm of this city is affected. Many people who visit Agadir’s beach aren’t conscious about where they throw their garbage. As a result, when tourists wake up in the early morning for a walk in the fresh air, they are welcomed by an example of what is illustrated in this picture. Not only is the image of the city damaged, but also environment. Imagine the harm a fish faces when they swallow plastic?! Many species die because they think it’s edible. People must wake up from their long lasting coma before it’s too late. I love my city, and people need to share this love by taking care of the city’s buildings, natural places and atmosphere.    

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