The Bride

SYRIA — She was 13 when the war began in her country. She still remembers the days of playing and happiness: the sun shining, children running around the trees, and the sound of the birds.

In the first days of the war, nothing happened. However, day by day, the situation became more complicated.

“It’s hard to stay at home,” Ahmad said. This decision was made by all the men in the village. They said, “Leaving is the only solution.”

They packed their bags and left home. She didn’t know what would happen later. For the next two years the camp was the only place for all the children to play and jump with their friends.

One day, the heat of the sun was tremendous, like any other summer day. The only thing she noticed was a group of people entering into her tent. She never expected that in a few days she would wear a wedding dress for a man older than her father!

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