Discover Erbil by BAREZ AHMED [Photo Essay]

IRAQ/KURDISTAN — These pictures are of Erbil citadel. Erbil citadel is a famous place for tourists in Iraq.  

Erbil city  is the capital of Kurdistan. The castle and the citadel are the guardians of centuries of history. 

Erbil’s ancient Citadel stands at the center of this fast-growing city. Its high walls ring… the edge of a mound that already reaches up 30 meters above the modern city below. It can be seen clearly for miles,


It is one of the most dramatic sights anywhere in the Middle East – one that was certainly welcome to the Silk Road merchants who traveled this way for 1,500 years.It is also one of the most important places in the Middle East.

It is said that human beings have lived here continuously for up to 8,000 years, we can say that Erbil citadel is symbol of kurdish people.

In recent times, there has sadly been a lot of damage to the Citadel, which is now nearly empty. Almost all the buildings need urgent repairs and many may soon collapse. It is also believed that the archaeological remains below have been seriously damaged by water. As a result, action is being taken to protect this ancient site and also to give it new life.

A kurdistsn Government organization (*HCECR) has been set up, and a detailed conservation and development plan has been prepared with the help of **UNESCO. Both bodies agree that the Citadel must not be allowed to die. It is also being considered for UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites


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