Favoritism by AFNAN

PALESTINE — Favoritism is a poem written by Afnan, an alum of the YaLa Citizen Journalism Program.

I’m the child who is spending her

Whole life catching stupid butterflies

I remember when the teacher asked me

What I want to be in the future, I answered

A great Manager! Then, I noticed the innocent laughter of children

However, that happened in the distant past

I’ve realized that my teacher was lying to me

In this unjustness world, how could he be honest with me?

Of course, I’ve finished my higher education!

But I have faced a big surprise, When

I was carrying my CV, and entering the road

Which is filled with stones, I saw the manager

And he was a very wise man because when

I came out from his room, he employed his beloved nephew.


When the manager refused to hire me because I didn’t have any

favoritism that makes me an important figure in the community

Then, I felt that the hungry Ghosts fellow me up!

So, what about the childhood’s dreams? Does it mean

That I will not be a great judgment manager?

All of this happened to me just because there

Is a one have a special family and

They gave him what is he wants? They just such as

The lord who is blessing the people who love them

And he blesses them just because they have

A great name which makes them controlling all the world

Or it’s maybe such as a race between two

Different ethnics have a permanent conflict

Yes, it’s maybe the same conflict between white and black people.


When all the doors become closed in your face

When who rules sees it a need for who doesn’t need.

Should I be silent and be hidden?

From the whole society! Without even testing a little

Piece of meat for five or six weeks? Is it

Fair enough when you see a man burying himself

Because he didn’t find a help that

Makes him breath. I can see it in Gaza and I

Can see it in everyone’s eyes and in who

Is living and suffering in poor countries

It’s not a personal problem

It’s an everyone’s besides us problem,

Yes, we are the victims of the favoritism

It touches us, the young generation. That’s mean me

And you, he and she.


You can’t stop the o’clock of moving

but you can make a power by our own

voice in few hours, some nations did it and we

will do it. whatever happened in the

past we have many things to calm yourself

and forget all missed opportunities… work hard

on yourself, be the best just because

you are the one who made himself with himself

Here is you, you made yourself with your own effort

The society cannot be changed before changing yourself

If they don’t start with themselves, not

because someone who has a royal

family he will be better than you? you have

your own life your own thoughts that makes you special

for the whole world.


A curtain which covered the hearts of people

They didn’t discern the right thing from the wrong

the thing anymore, they didn’t see the

Creativity in the youth eyes, they think just

how they can have got money from anywhere

they forbade all lighting brains from all chances

they didn’t inestimable the youth capabilities

this what makes any country be under the whole world

Officials who responsible about unemployed work

The made all youth dreams fell from the heaven

to the deep of the earth and they just broke everyone’s dream…

youth people were filled with despair now

no one can protect them except their strong voice

no one can protect them except their childhood dreams…


The one who was frustrating in the beginning

she worked hard on herself and make it

as a challenging thing for her and for the others

she has now his childhood job dream

yes, the child who was in an elementary school

she is now a great manager as she said

now no one can prevent her

from stop dreaming because she prevents

them from hurting her and dispersing her

she was saying for herself is want to succeed

work hard don’t give up whatever is happened around me

this is the way which all people should walk in it

don’t let any selfish person stop you because you are

weak, you are not … you are the bright star in the world.


I’m the writer, who have a piece of advice for those who are reading

First; don’t forget to imagine your dreams in your mind

Second; make it real to prove to yourself that you can do everything

And the last thing be creative to make everyone believes in your talent

Never mind who I’m I, just take a deep breath and think of the words

Think of it as real thing that all humanity suffers from it

Think of it as a big bag of dreams and someone came and burn it

Does it really effect on you now? Do you feel in it?

That’s what I want to feel in it!

Do you remember the butterflies at the beginning?

Yes, if leave it without any food it will die

The same as your dreams will die if you abandon it

So, don’t get away the butterflies from you hand …

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