The ‘Old City’ of Nablus by ASEEL S. SALMAN [Photo Essay]


PALESTINE — The most beautiful place in Nablus is the Old City. Not only does the old city have a great historical legacy, but it has a special taste that cannot be replicated.

In the pictures below you can see the old buildings, houses, mosques and shops that were built many years ago by various civilization such as the Byzantines and Ottomans. The old city of Nablus is called Minor Damascus because of its similarity to the architecture, customs, traditions, accent and more of the Syrian capital of Damascus. There is an old Turkish bath that every visitor will love.

When exploring the old city you will witness a great feeling of solidarity between peoples of different communities— Samaritans, Christians and Muslims. It is also famous for Al-kunafa and soaps. I recommend trying the knafa if you go there, its a delicious treat.

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