This is Gaza by S.

GAZA,PALESTINE — At 2:35 AM I hold my phone, and stand in front of the window to took a picture of the landscape. As you see the picture is empty. The darkness covered it.
I will not say “this is Gaza”. Gaza is suffering from a terrible electricity crisis.

This is not Gaza, in fact, this is how I see life. I open my eyes every day to see this picture. I am not negative because I see life in the dark. I always look for the luster of light in the dark. Actually only my eyes knows how to draw this picture.

No matter what direction I point camera to, I will always take the same picture. If I hold my camera to take a picture, I will not know what will be in the picture. I will not know if it is good or not. So I will not know what to write about it.

I did the assignment faithfully using my eyes and my camera. That blackness will fade one day to capture the most beautiful photos. Maybe this is a drama but right now my mind is empty of topics to talk about.

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