Friends forever by Aya, Palestine

“Friends forever”, that’s what we called each other. We had planned our future since we were in tenth grade, and we planned what we wanted to be in the future. We worked hard on studying for our Al-Tawjeehi exams (the end of high school exams). We used to chat together, sometimes argue and other times have fun. It was a busy time. On Saturday, 13-2-2016, in the morning, I had a math lesson at my school. I met my friends, two of them were twins, I met only one of the twins and, unfortunately, I searched for the other but couldn’t find her. I went home. A few minutes later, all the tv channels started talking about a martyr, a young girl, who had been killed,  six bullets hit her body, and the Israeli soldiers prevented the ambulance from reaching her. They left her, bleeding to death, without doing anything. I was shocked, and had a strange feeling. I didn’t know who the martyr was; after about an hour, the news said that the martyr was named Kilzar! Kilzar was the twin who I couldn’t find in the morning. I wanted to see her, talk to her. I didn’t know that when she called me last Friday, it was for the last time. It was like a dream, and even today I still can’t believe it. She was my best friend, still a child  I never imagined I would lose someday! The same night, I went to her house and burst into tears, everyone was crying and her twin, Alnuwar, was crying too. She ran to me, she said she couldn’t believe what was happening. I saw Kilzar for the last time, I saw her in her white coffin. She was smiling like a child, a cold child face. It was the hardest moment in my life Then I faced two challenges, the first was to stay with Alnuwar and support her, and the second was to study, as I was in the 12th grade and I had final exams. Alhamdullah, I chose to become a strong woman who can spread Kizar’ story and other stories to the world, and convince others that Kilzar is still living in our hearts, like our home, Palestine. But really it was the hardest moment of my life. Really. WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR BEST FRIEND, YOU LOSE A PART OF YOUR SOUL, BUT WE HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD AND FIGHT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

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