Family…where life begins and love never ends by Ali Bali, Tunisia

Everything started in 2013, I was not a sociable person when it came to my family, and I always ran away from meeting my relatives. Most of the time when we have special events, like a family party and family reunion, I would close my room and I stay by myself with loud music to just forget about them, or I would go out alone just to be free from them and from their “stupid” conversations. That was me until July 29th, 2013, I was an unfriendly person who never cared about his relatives and who preferred to live on his own. But on that date, I felt very sick. I couldn’t eat or drink and  I couldn’t sleep because I had fever. It lasted for days. I was very thin and my weight reached 55 kg  and my relatives began to think that I had cancer. So I went to a doctor who gave me antibiotics and other medicines, however, that treatment did not get me better. It only worsened my illness. after that a relative of mine, despite the fact that I did not like my relatives, decided to take me to the hospital where she worked in order to give me a check-up to know what my real illness was. When the results of my check-up were ready, the big surprise was revealed, I had high blood sugar in my body.  I was hospitalized right away for the first time in my entire life; I did not believe that I was diabetic. Now, let me talk about an important day in my life, one that totally changed me. It was around the day when I was hospitalized, it was the day of “eid,” a day which comes after Ramadan. Every Muslim knows this day, it’s a day during which we traditionally wear new clothes and when families meet to enjoy each other’s company. I imagined I would pass time in the hospital alone, with only my parents, my brothers if they had a chance,  and my friends as company. Unexpectedly, my entire family, cousins, uncles, even neighbors surprised me and entered my room.They spent the whole day in the hospital to support me with a lot of fun and smiles. The support of all those who I had never liked before made me happy and grateful. Yet, the real thing that changed me, something that I will never forget, was what my grandmother did. She heard about my illness and that I was being hospitalized, so she came and walked up the stairs, because the elevator was broken, even though I was on the second floor of the hospital. Just imagine an old women, 95 years old, doing that just to visit her grandson. When I saw her, she hugged me, and I cried like a big baby. There was a lot of emotions full of love and joy that touched my heart and soul. That day I was surprised, and it was the first time I changed my thoughts about family. Furthermore I knew right then how significant and important family is. That was my story about family, even if i jumped around and omitted some details. We should all appreciate family and love them as they love us because family is not just an important thing, it is #everything.  

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