Diversity is our strength by Eman, Palestine

It was the first time I went to Canada. Although there are many beautiful things, there is one phrase that increased Canada’s beauty for me, “Diversity is our strength”. When I go to the park or store or restaurant I see people from many different backgrounds: Chinese, Arab, African, European, Mexican, Italian….But they are totally similar in morality and being kind. If I ask anyone about traditional food or customs in Canada, they will not give you a specific answer, and they are satisfied with this way of being.

This is a real power we should take into consideration and ask ourselves how diversity makes us stronger. What are the strengths that come from diversity?

I started looking for answers to these questions. I met a friend in Canada and there was a dialogue between us. In the end, he told me, “Every person who is weak from inside, he will hold on to his customs and traditions more”, he or she cannot accept the other. I think that is totally right; we need to give up some of our ideas in order to accept some others. We should give up convictions of ourselves that we are the best and others are less than us, don’t do as good as we do.

I found the true meaning of love, respect, and freedom. When a man marries a woman, he marries her because her spirit is beautiful, not because of her relation to colour or religion or her family or which country she is from. Even if you disagree with some people beliefs you should still encourage them and support them to get their rights, like the LGBTQ community- you are free to make your own decisions with your body as long as it does not hurt others.

After all, why do we keep feeling afraid? These things are worth the experience. We should begin with ourselves. We need to be more open-minded, focus on our future, and put the basis of dealing with others because each one is an essential component of society.


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