The lost Moon, ‎A. Gaza/Palestine

The life we live in has two sides, good moments and bad moments, this is life. I remember that day well when I was in 7th grade and was preparing for my homework in order to present it to my teacher; my grandmother was very sick at that time. I was looking after her, she raised me up and gave me all the love I needed. I found it hard to choose a topic for my presentation, until my grandmother held my hand and told me, “I’m proud of you,” I looked at her eyes with a sad smile on my face and kissed her. Suddenly, I decided to make my presentation about that beautiful lady who did her best for each one of us, I told her that my presentation would be about her! She smiled, I will never forget that adorable smile. Then I left her to go to my school, two hours later, my older brother came to my school to take me home. I asked him, “What happened? Is  grandmother fine?” But he said nothing. When me and my brother arrived home, I found everyone there and they were crying. Then my dad put his hand on my head and told me that my grandmother was dead. I was speechless and paralyzed for awhile, then I started crying. I asked my mother to let me see her, she did, so I entered my grandmother’s room and saw a face that could not be forgotten. It was like the moon was dead, not my grandmother. One week later I did my presentation and got a full mark, I was happy because I felt that I did something for a lady who words had a power I couldn’t describe. I was not expecting that the people we love could pass away and be gone, until my grandmother died. I still remember her voice calling me for lunch or dinner. I still remember when she bought me the jacket I liked. I still remember the moment she wished to live longer in order to be present at wedding. I still remember her motivational words. I still remember how she picked me up when I was down. She was my everything, now my everything is gone but I see her smile in my mother’s face, so I always try to make my mother smile to see and remember the smile I lost; the smile that makes me stronger and stronger, the smile that tells me, “Don’t worry son! everything Is going to be fine.” Although she is not here in person, I can feel her soul every moment I remember her, the soul that whisper in my ears, “I’ve always been next to you and I always will.” I miss her and I will never forget her. May God rest her soul in peace.  

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