Fighting for my rights by E. – Palestine

I want to talk about my story. A story of struggle of every girl who grows older and didn’t find marriage. I was the only girl in my family, surrounded by my brothers so I had to suffer a lot and fight for my rights. I couldn’t speak up because I was raised in a society where women have no freedom and must obey. I noticed their look on me constantly  because a woman who doesn’t find a man is considered incomplete. It is a  pain and sadness you cannot imagine. In my country a woman does not lead she always follows the man. If she becomes old and doesn’t get married then it s a problem because she cannot have her own life. This is my story a story, a story of struggle between fear and the desire to be myself. I don’t have equal opportunities  to become a leader or a peace maker I only study because my parents and society want me to study. We cannot enter elections or ask for gender equality because we are oppressed. Women who ask are so few or they were just lucky and born without brothers or husbands.  For me I didn’t have the starting point where I can be a leader in my society. It was very hard to do that in front of my brothers and society. It was a feeling of fear to ask for gender equality because I know they will not like it and when I fight I gain nothing but their hate.

  1. Abdulazeez Hanif
    Abdulazeez Hanif says:

    I am never happy until the poor are being fed, until the oppressed are granted their rights, love for humanity needs to be promoted and adopted by every individuals, I feel your pains.

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