Chad by Meriem, Algeria (photo-essay)

Recently, I was lucky enough to be a part of the International Slam Festival in Tchad called N’Djam “s’enflamme en Slam’. It was a very unique experience in which I discovered the REAL AFRICA! I am also African, and the clichés about Africa being a poor, 3rd world country was not apparent to me in my own country. I thought this stigma was only displayed in the media! In Chad, I saw what Africa really is: people living with less than 3 dollars a day, but the smile never leaving their faces. I saw people in the streets, which were made of sand, hanging with dogs, lizards, chickens, sheep, and all with different kind of insects. Still, these people were very happy and cheerful all day long! I had a life-changing experience, which changed my point of view about seeing people and things in life! I also had the chance to see how much they love ART and BEER.

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