Schizophrenia by Mayssa Benyounes, Tunisia

…And all of a sudden you figure out that when people see you, they think about men!

“Doesn’t she have a father?”

“Wouldn’t she have a husband?”

“Where is her father?”

“Why is she like that?”

“Why is she FREE?”

“She mustn’t think!”

“When will she get married?”

“She MUST get married, she can’t stay free that long.”


I never cared about these comments, and I don’t think I ever will.
But each time I hear these broken records, I recognise how superficial the thoughts and behaviour of these people are.

Are we made just to be bitches, mothers, sex, housewives….is that all? That’s the resume of our existence?
Did God really create us just to be such people? Do you believe in that?
Bullshit! That’s all I can say! This is the truth! God created us to be much more than that. We are living, we are hopeful, we are creative, we are qualified, we are qualified to be as free as you. Being a woman aged more than 20 does not mean that it’s time for you to get married.

No offence! Marriage is a good thing. I mean, it is supposed to be a good thing but you, you are making it look like the devil in person!
So stop! You must stop this behaviour. I mean many other things are more important to focus on. Develop yourselves, your skills, criticize your own flaws instead of focusing on others.

“God won’t change a nation until they change themselves.”

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