Photo Essay | Buildings by Youba Darif, Morocco

Buildings also can speak and tell people’s stories, history, lifestyle, visions, struggles, hopes, and aspirations.

During my recent travels in my country, Morocco, I discovered the essence of my magnificent culture and civilization by looking at the small details in buildings which witness a tremendous history.

Each building in the following photos has so many stories to share and a deeply rooted history.

1st and 2nd photos: The small city of Tinghir, Oriental Atlas.



3rd photo: Ouarzazat city, South east desert of the kingdom.


4th photo: High Atlas mountains.


5th photo: The small bue city Chefchaouen, Rif mountains.

youba 4

6th photo: the Koutoubia mosque in the old medina of Marrakech

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This is just one example of the important work produced by YaLa’s citizen journalists, a program funded by the European Union’s Peacebuilding Initiative in order to enable young leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa to document and share their experiences of the region.

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