Desert Women

By Hasna, Morocco.

These photos might seem dull, yellow, and liveless; and that is not what they truly represent. I took these pictures during my recent visit to the village where I grew up. But abundance flourishes from those muddy and washed out land.

46820753_2159923494074298_7140194288477929472_o46816204_2159898380743476_835273132213272576_n46525409_2159911530742161_8586674007447699456_oThose ruins were once a place of happiness and hot barley soup. Now they are left in the lurch, like a butterfly breaking out of the pupa.46770479_2159911037408877_1702942030214201344_o
This woman behind the clay stove has bore men and women, and has selflessly carried a universe on her shoulders.46874895_2159897744076873_1448274907925315584_n

This thistle spine flower that blossoms on the side of the road is strong enough to break the concrete and survive the thirst.46886276_2159932817406699_7554796999208337408_o
This little girl, smiling and enjoying the stingy nature around her, is very fertile in her heart.46762524_2159911847408796_246434988537413632_o
Just like those ruins, some of us can be overlooked, destined to misery and little chance. But like these women we ought to hold up, and just as the spine flower we will start to flourish, then a little girl will kick in with hope and life, chasing another soil to green up.


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