The Trash Crisis in Tripoli-Libya by Eman F, Libya

Wherever you go in the capital of Libya, you will find the piles of trash. wherever you turn your eyes, you will see amass of rubbish. The streets become ugly and more miserable. Cans, plastic papers, papers, coffee cups, bottles of water, and many other toxic materials. People start being accustomed to seeing the rubbish at streets, schools, parks, highways, and many other public places. The trash pollutes our environment, air and the sea as well. The trash has been thrown in the sea, which it affects on sea life.

This crisis of trash hits the capital for many reasons. Firstly, the absence of the government’s solutions. The government does not have any serious action for this trouble. Almost every spot in the capital is not clean. The trash is in front of buildings, roads, highways, schools, universities, shops. The government still does nothing to fix this. There are not any specific places where people can put their trash at. There are not enough trash damps. Therefore, the government does not provide certain waste companies so that citizens can deal with to take their rubbish. This ignoring from the government of this big trouble helps the citizens to throw their rubbish at any place they can use just to eliminate their trash away from their shelters.

Secondly, the lack of waste companies. There are no enough waste companies, which they can take the trash and recycle it. The waste companies keep protesting for months because the government does not pay them their salaries. This protest leads to increase the trash piles over the capital until the trash turns to chemical materials which affect the environment and the health of the people around.

Clearly, the place is getting worse here. The scenery that the country shows now is not urban. The crisis seems to be far from over. The environment needs a serious solution.

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