YaLa CineClub: Very Big Shot by Moulham, Syria

You might know the Netflix series “Jinn”, the first Netflix original series in the Arab world, I will not talk about it today – I will talk about it soon in an interview with one of the main actresses- however, today I will talk about the film that inspired and persuaded Netflix to produce this series.

The Lebanese director ‘Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya’ who worked on Jinn, already produced a film called “Very Big Shot”, I really liked this film and wanted to write a short review about it. While looking into the movie I encountered a very inspiring story behind its production.

So what is the plot of the movie “VERY BIG SHOT”? How did the producer accomplish it?

This was his first film and the guy is only one year younger than me (if he could do it, I can do it too).

From the University of Balamand, a Lebanese Christian university, where Mir-Jean Bou Chaia studied filmmaking, the story unfolded in a short film for graduation. His mentor told him with confidence “You can develop this idea to develop it into a longer film.” These words stayed in his mind. But how is that? Where did the money come from and who convinced the production company?

The hive started. Mir-Jean has three brothers, two of them were able to help directly: Christian and Lucien. The first one studied hotel management and owns a restaurant in Beirut. His job was to secure the public relations and to search for investors for an expensive film whose production reached the limit of 900,000USD.

Lucien, who is based in Paris, took over the legal part of the film and harvested the relationship with the project’s investors. Mir-Jean was dedicated to the art, the three created a KABREET production company (which later produced Jinn for Netflix) and put the movie on the right track.

The film is based around 3 brothers, Ziad, Joe, and Gad. They have a pizzeria that they use as a cover to hide their drug business. Jad, the younger brother has just been released from prison and his older brother Ziad decides to stop trading in contraband, which is not so easy when he is involved with others.

At some point in the movie, the Lebanese mafia tries to kill Ziad while he is on his way to Syria; however, as he is aware of their murder mission he is able to escape from them while being in possession of drugs in order to smuggle them alone.

Ziad’s friend a filmmaker, tells him that the films’ tapes can’t be opened at the airport, in order not to spoil the tapes. He found that the safest plan was to film a movie and smuggle drugs in its box.

The film inside the film, directed by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya does not miss the action, nor the laughter, nor the plot of love. The message of the film reaches many and its key themes, one in the heart of the other, in a combination does not make the viewer dull even for a moment.

I liked the film a lot, watch it please if you have time and leave your comments to discuss about it during the week.

Have a great week!


Watch the trailer here: Very Big Shot Trailer

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