YaLa Poetry | Selene’s Genes by Thilleli G, Algeria

1- A non-validation somehow turned into humility, a fear somehow turned into control, an indecisiveness turned into nihilism, a repressed desire turned into philosophy, some books learnt somehow turned into wisdom … your name is complicated. So your boss calls you Melissa. You probably drink a lot, but you answer emails quickly. What more to ask for?


2- After a day answering YES to what you should dash with a NO, you get home. You’re gonna get that soup you made from Monday’s leftovers, even though it is Thursday night. But you work so much that every day is Monday anyway.

3- You are now watching TV, zapping endlessly ( look for ‘opportunity cost’, if you want to understand). There is a documentary about a tribe in Africa, ( cause of course ‘civilization’ seems to feel gravity only in some parts of the world, yeah ? )

4- Not only do you not understand their language, but you think it is a primitive language cause its grammatical structure is not as complex as yours. But really, it is because you cannot recognize the peculiarities of sounds. ( Look for sound-blindness).

5- What seems banal is thought as worthless and that applies to everything. Most of us know at least two languages, that’s a huge amount of words, and for you, it is not so special. But try to spend a day without speaking a word.

6- Imagine no words to fill the atmosphere, to beautify, to express, to defend you, to protect you, to impose, to dominate …

7- This task was supposed to last one minute, yeah? We were supposed to walk across the room and randomly stop by someone (I would be lying if I said that I didn’t choose my partner prior to that ) and then you have to look your partner in the eyes. Exchange no words, no gestures, just looks. And, so, you were supposed to guess who they are, what their life is like, where they come from …

8- And so I’m asking myself; what is his favorite song (Please listen to Love Is a B*tch by Two Feet )? Please tell me he hates pineapples on pizza ?! is his mom a Gemini? cause it really takes two to make this one.

9- But hey who cares about the stars when you are loved by the moon. A silence that breaks your world without breaking you.


You can find more of Thilleli’s poetry on her blog https://ahandfulofwords.wordpress.com/page/1/?fbclid=IwAR1POCkEE6bnQr-bIu9ov-yUu5Jz-eXAAQIL_PfYugFD3F5pJYnMFfCTOoY

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