YaLa Poetry | We are all Israa by J.M, Palestine

Let my body give you an overdose 

My aura moves the dominos 

They said I have demons, Ha?

Even the demons loved me, Ra!

Tell them 

Ana Hurra

Ana Hurra 

To be strong, don’t ask me to

I am strong already, I can make a crew

I was just not ready 

I was 21 about turning 22

Forever 21 

Run, run, devil, run run 

And that won’t change. Ana Hurra!

Ana Hurra…

I liked quotes about life 

And sometimes shared ones about patriarchal depression 

Lived my life and fought repression 

I think yellow might fit 

I will put you some lashes so you can see

Contour your chin 

Ana Hurra is in my skin 

Ana Hurra!

That I have always been 

I feel burnt, makeup is my ashes

And spread them well

Beauty is what I like to see

Even when I die and leave the white dress which matches

Wear my dress and use my witch matches! 

Wet eyelids 

Black mascara dropping down along with my tear 

Breaks, cuts, attacks, stigma, judging, severe 

I wonder for how long you will remember me 

A month, maybe a year? 

Lost the makeup artist 

Your society is unfree 

Rather make-up free 

Ana hurra 

You cut the tree and forgot that I lead 

Your eye contacts are dipped in a blinding liquid 

On Earth I give birth

All the world’s waters feed my seed

When I quit 

I used to give more colours to women’s faces 

You made me break hearts 

I am born again in art 


And every time a woman like me gets burnt 

Use the ashes

Till this burning stops…

Being your daddy’s favourite collection of broken teacups!

They said I’m possessed by demons ha?

Tell them





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