RELAXATION & STRESS by Collins Osariemen Omokaro, Nigeria

According to Marian Webster dictionary, relaxation is to spend time or do something enjoyable, especially after a restless time of doing work. 

The human body is a biological system that is made up of components that harmoniously work together fruitfully when given the appropriate time to relax and reorganize. This can be likened to a rechargeable battery that becomes weak and functionless when the entire current in it has been used up.  In order to attain a maximum productivity, the battery has to be given time to recharge. In the human sense, this is simply called rest. The human body is not a mechanical tool and should not be handled as such and become overworked. Because of our overzealousness for material things all we think about most times is work, work and work. There is time to work and there should also be time to rest. Even the holy Bible says in the book of ecclesiastes “there is time for everything”. The medical world has complained and is still complaining to those who are willing to listen, that many prevailing ailments of this present era are caused by nothing else other than lack of rest.

We complain most times about body aches and pains, headaches, too much anxiety and restlessness. What would be the cause of these problems if not lack of rest? 

There is a comic story of a commercial motorcycle rider man who worked till 11:50pm every night and woke up as early as 4am the next day, to start another round of strenuous activities. He never devoted even a little time to take a rest. One day, on getting home he decided to take his bath. He suddenly ran out of the bathroom with his towel tied around his waist. Shouting “Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!…….” Narrating his story, he said he had poured water on his head about 5 times and the water was not touching his head but was reaching other parts of his body. On hearing this, his neighbours rushed out only to discover that the man forgot to remove his helmet before taking his bath.

This may sound funny but some of us are guilty of similar situations and we have no one else to blame for this other than ourselves because, we have refused to obey a simple law by nature. Even our Almighty God rested on the seventh day after creation.

However, lack of relaxation can be as a result of lack of appropriate time management. Things are not done at the right time. Procrastination has become our daily routine and the issue of African Time in this part of the world has not helped matters at all. As a result we heap work upon work and often over labour ourselves just to meet up with specific deadlines.

The harmful effects of lack of rest are endless. Some of them include fear, depression, lack of confidence, unnecessary tensions and so on. Just to mention a few.

Relaxation must not have to take days. Minutes or hours of dedicated rest can promote a healthy growth of the human body and mind. Rhythmic exercises such as running, walking, and cycling are most effective in relieving stress because you focus on your body movement and breath to match the movement. You can also take time to have a calm quiet sleep or take your family on a vacation or picnic.

Hobbies can offer distractions to daily routines and tensions and open your mind to daily possibilities. Become involved in hobbies like writing, designing, art works, reading, singing, dancing, cooking and even watching movies and playing games.

Relaxation is a health preserving and sustaining pill. Start taking it now.

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