YaLa Young Leaders on the Israeli Educational Channel – Kan 23 | by Dalya, Israel and Abdullah, Palestine

YaLa-Young Leaders Alumni Dalya and Abdullah giving a perfect example of what joint efforts for peace can look like!
Dalya, a Jewish Israeli, and Abdullah, a Muslim Palestinian, were invited to talk about YaLa and prospects for peace with the remarkable Lucy Aharish, who’s an Arab-Israeli herself, on Israeli TV-channel KAN 23. By the way, Abdullah and Dalya are actually good friends in real life and even went to Germany together as part a football for peace program, another incredible project we have here at the The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation/
Listening to what future generations have to say, Dalya and Abdullah make a strong case on why it is more important than ever to make the real voices of the Middle East heard and create spaces for young people to talk about their hopes, dreams and ideas in order to foster mutual understanding and lay the foundation for a sustainable peace in the region.


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