Hakama! We are the revolution

Between the sounds “Zgareed” and under the showers of bullets, people are masked with Hijabs, preventing the arrival of tear gas.

Inside neighborhoods, universities, and public areas, individuals are shouting “Freedom, peace, justice!”

In Sudan, my country as an Arab-African society as well as a multicultural community with different ethnicities, there were always these traditional looks towards women as singers and encouragers in the battlefield and wartimes, not more. In west Sudanese tribes they are called  “Hakama” which translates to a woman who speaks to warriors and sings songs to encourage them to go to battle with high enthusiasm.

Al-Hakama is the one that provokes wars between the tribes of the region or stops them through the poems and syllables and improvises words uttered by them, Al-Hakama located in the rural West Sudan community in the regions of Darfur and Kordofan is the model for populist media in the Arab world.

Since the 19 of December in 2019 revolts started in all Sudanese area’s from the north to the south demanding for political change, democracy, political transformation, and better financial situations after three decades under a dictatorship regime headed by Omer al-Bashir: Sudanese marshal staged a military coup in the year In coordination and supervision of the Sudanese Islamic Movement led by Hassan al-Turabi, the spiritual father of political Islam in Sudan and under his visions a lot of laws put such as the law of public order in the state of Khartoum who is required to wear decent clothing that respects the Islamic religion and to is subjected to beatings by whips, imprisonment and sometimes fines, because of this law, many women have been subjected to punishment and beatings in a number of cases under Islamic law, in addition to a set of laws that discriminate against women and unequal rights and justice before the courts in cases of divorce and inheritance, all these laws in addition to the imposition of sheiks- religion men- on public life in Sudan

Has made most women suffer from a state of hesitation and difficulties in the workplace and study fear of falling into the hands of the state or the law of the ruthless society

The revolts – which still going in Sudan till now- showed different images and videos for a young woman leading protester and others singing and fighting the police and intelligence forces many of them suffered violent injuries, scenes we never saw in the other revolutions happened in the MENA-middle east and north Africa- regions especially in the Arab’s spring season which swept through several countries such as Syria, Egypt, and Tunisia

Now in Sudan

Hundreds of detainees in Sudanese security prisons

A thousand of them in all the streets and cities of different ages hand in hand with the rest of their comrades in the path of struggle, women in Sudan in political life now fighting more than the spirit of more than a voice shouts, No surprise today

For the spirit in which they fight is stronger and more powerful

They have a lot of toppling the laws, ideas and stereotypes, and the wars that our people are going through today, in which their women fight daily between the whips of the executioner and the constraints of society, the goals and the bad reality.

They are simply…

They fight with two spirits

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