Tequilas and Kindness

by Zo Flamenbaum, Israel As I sipped a glass of sweet Turkish tea on the open aired rooftop of the hostel, I raged inside. The city sparkled before me as my two friends went to sleep, and I immediately let loose in my journal, my pen transmitting the anger boiling up within me. It was … Continue reading Tequilas and Kindness

The Witness against the Death Boat

By Eman Farfar Feeling foreign and unfamiliar makes us lonely. If we do not try to integrate our homeland with the place where we live, we might get lost between the two. Libya always was and still is a second home for many immigrants from different countries, especially in Africa. She had been living in … Continue reading The Witness against the Death Boat

Say NO to Domestic Violence

By Douaa, Iraq Domestic Violence  is an important topic to raise awareness to, particularly in the Arab world. It is a phenomenon that exists in our communities, so why we should deny it? The problem is that unfortunately we do not to want to admit it, and that explains the recent epidemic of girls and women … Continue reading Say NO to Domestic Violence

Peace is coming, if we will…

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022 as a catalyst for crucial change in the Middle East – Peace and Climate Action By Matai Ben Aharon, Israel Peace logo credit: Maor Hatoka   You all know the epic line from Games Of Thrones "winter is coming", today you should say - peace is coming or, … Continue reading Peace is coming, if we will…

The Trash Crisis in Tripoli-Libya

By Eman Farfar, Libya   Wherever you go in the capital of Libya, you will find the piles of trash. wherever you turn your eyes, you will see amass of rubbish. The streets become ugly and more miserable. Cans, plastic papers, papers, coffee cups, bottles of water, and many other toxic materials. People start being … Continue reading The Trash Crisis in Tripoli-Libya