To Suffer In Silence

By Youba, Morocco No one can deny the importance of sex in our lives. It has uncountable benefits for our bodies, brains, and souls. Sexual intercourse is not just a way of distraction, it also counts as an exercise that can help us reduce stress, lower blood pressure, prevent heart attacks and boost the immune … Continue reading To Suffer In Silence

A Whole Life In A Suitcase

Boushra Dabbagh, Syria It was midnight and the voices outside were louder than our voices inside. It was one of the dark days in Aleppo. We were frightened when Dad said that it was time to go! The time when our lives would change forever. We started packing our things, and I was talking to … Continue reading A Whole Life In A Suitcase

She Embraced The Sea For The First Time

Doha, Palestine Frankly, I did not like the sea. Even though I had never visited, I had only seen it on television and it did not draw my eye. But many sang of the sea and many took notice. I also knew that the sea was connected to feelings and that people love to go … Continue reading She Embraced The Sea For The First Time