Shoes on the Danube by Or Avrahami, Israel

It was my summer vacation in 2013. It was about a year after my army service and I was thrilled to plan my vacation with a good Polish friend I met while traveling. We decided to meet in Budapest, Hungary. Two Israeli girls and two Polish girls, quite a combination. You can imagine that travelling … Continue reading Shoes on the Danube by Or Avrahami, Israel

Ahead Towards Tomorrow by Samaa, Egypt

Some winds come at unexpected moments, blinding your vision with disturbing dust. You can hear the destructive sounds but you are in the middle of nowhere. With eyes opened it seems EVERYTHING HAS COLLAPSED! After my high school graduation in Alexandria City, I was so excited with the idea of going to university. I kept … Continue reading Ahead Towards Tomorrow by Samaa, Egypt

Fighting for my rights by E. – Palestine

I want to talk about my story. A story of struggle of every girl who grows older and didn't find marriage. I was the only girl in my family, surrounded by my brothers so I had to suffer a lot and fight for my rights. I couldn't speak up because I was raised in a … Continue reading Fighting for my rights by E. – Palestine

Freedom by Yosra Béjaoui – Tunisia

I don't remember the exact day but it was on January 2009. It was a very normal and peaceful day in Tunisia but unfortunately it wasn't the case in another place of the world (2300 kilometers away to be exact). It was the Israel-Gaza war. The Gaza strip was hit by airstrikes, unfortunately, bombs don't … Continue reading Freedom by Yosra Béjaoui – Tunisia

Refugee Pride by Houcem, Tunisia

Omar is a 32 years old male refugee from Kobbaijep- Syria. He moved to Canada a year ago under the asylum program. His story started 9 years ago when he started his bachelor degree in music at the University of Damascus. His first year was “hell” as he described it. People didn’t like the way … Continue reading Refugee Pride by Houcem, Tunisia