Your only responsability is to speak up! By Oumaima, Morocco

 It was noon and I was leaving the hospital after our morning rounds to head towards a meeting at the Norwegian embassy.  I walked out and took the first cab I found, I was too excited and nervous to notice that the driver already had 2 clients in the back of the car, so I … Continue reading Your only responsability is to speak up! By Oumaima, Morocco

The Box by Khaled K, Syria

Five years ago, I was living in a box. Not literally a box, but an extremely small room. When I lived inside this box, I lived like an animal in a cage. My life was controlled by other people. There were eighty people in this small box, all so close together that we were almost one. … Continue reading The Box by Khaled K, Syria

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a cause you believed in?

"We’ve been outraged, you and me by these new laws, and frustrated because we didn’t know what to do! Well, you have a way to do something now! I am proud of you, your baby nephew is proud of his auntie and Grandma would be the proudest of all! You’re going".

Count Your Blessings

By Bracha Rapaport, Israel Sometimes I have those moments where I feel so lucky to be alive, I feel blessed to be a part of something greater than myself. That is what it was like for me to volunteer in Africa, a place truly impoverished and underdeveloped in relation to my country, Israel. Ever since 9th … Continue reading Count Your Blessings

Stopping the Cycle

Since I was very young, I have always had so many questions. I always wondered, “Why there are hungry people in this world even though we have enough food to feed everyone? Why do people die from curable diseases just because they can’t pay for medical care? Why is there war even when most people … Continue reading Stopping the Cycle