It’s a Matter of Perspectives

By Elianne Kremer, Israel. Six months after I arrived to Israel, I was living in Jerusalem and the terrorist attacks began. I didn’t really understand what was going on. People were afraid, it was possible to feel the discomfort in public spaces, in the bus mainly. Nobody wanted to be there, as if the expectancy … Continue reading It’s a Matter of Perspectives

The Trash Crisis in Tripoli-Libya

By Eman Farfar, Libya   Wherever you go in the capital of Libya, you will find the piles of trash. wherever you turn your eyes, you will see amass of rubbish. The streets become ugly and more miserable. Cans, plastic papers, papers, coffee cups, bottles of water, and many other toxic materials. People start being … Continue reading The Trash Crisis in Tripoli-Libya

Desert Women

By Hasna, Morocco. These photos might seem dull, yellow, and liveless; and that is not what they truly represent. I took these pictures during my recent visit to the village where I grew up. But abundance flourishes from those muddy and washed out land. Those ruins were once a place of happiness and hot barley … Continue reading Desert Women

Gaza from the Inside Out

How does life look outside of Gaza?! by Husam, Gaza, Palestine I have always asked myself what a young man in his twenties - exactly like me - is doing in another part of the world? How will I get through my twenties without having tried great experiences? I haven't tried to jump from a … Continue reading Gaza from the Inside Out

Riding the Donkey Backwards by Asil Ibrahim-Khalil, Palestine

It was a hot, sunny July day in Phoenix, Arizona. It was amazing seeing the long green cacti on my way to visit ASU, Arizona State University, with a group of eight Birzeit University students. I remember wearing light blue jeans, a beige top, a scarf and, of course, my light sneakers. We were excited … Continue reading Riding the Donkey Backwards by Asil Ibrahim-Khalil, Palestine

Stopping the Cycle

Since I was very young, I have always had so many questions. I always wondered, “Why there are hungry people in this world even though we have enough food to feed everyone? Why do people die from curable diseases just because they can’t pay for medical care? Why is there war even when most people … Continue reading Stopping the Cycle

My Brother’s Keeper by Liora V., Israel

Love is never easy. Love is always complicated. And it is always the ones we love the most who will hurt us the deepest. I don’t know why that is. I just know that a few times in my life I have played with fire and lost big time, or gravely burnt my hands, at … Continue reading My Brother’s Keeper by Liora V., Israel