Kayayai By Day, Prostitute By Night

by Theodora Aido, Ghana  Abena, a fourteen (14) year old teenage girl, is the fifth child of eight (8) children born to her parents in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana. She travelled to Kumasi in April 2015 with the hope of a better standard of living. She narrated how she was inspired … Continue reading Kayayai By Day, Prostitute By Night

We Are All Israa

By J.M, Palestine   Let my body give you an overdose  My aura moves the dominos  They said I have demons, Ha? Even the demons loved me, Ra! Tell them  Ana Hurra Ana Hurra  To be strong, don't ask me to I am strong already, I can make a crew I was just not ready  … Continue reading We Are All Israa

She lays down her sword

By Abigail Levitt, Israel The Knight in shining armour Takes her helmet off To reveal her golden hair Her powerful pelvis Her life-bearing womb She lays down her sword And washes away her sins She looks up at the stars At the tower At the rope Made of women's hair All the women who came … Continue reading She lays down her sword

Beginning right now, Shout to the Universe

By Doaa, Iraq I used to be an active girl and a clever student, especially in English. I am not bragging, but if I had to say, I was the best among my classmates in English. I still remember the words of my classmate Hiba, who said: "Doaa I want to speak English as good … Continue reading Beginning right now, Shout to the Universe

women’s World Cup: More than just football!

By Dalya Arussy, Israel “We wouldn’t have known the Women’s World Cup was happening if you hadn’t said anything.” I sat in front of him tight-lipped, giving a pitiful smile. Most likely, I also rolled my eyes.  Although I’m passionate about all forms of football, I generally don’t force it into conversations, especially not women’s … Continue reading women’s World Cup: More than just football!

The story of a grandmother

By Youba D, Morocco Scholars of gender have identified two significant divisions among Moroccan women’s movements. Secular-oriented Moroccan women attempt to achieve gender equality outside the realm of religion and based on international conventions, such as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Alternatively, Islamic-focused Moroccan women turn to feminist interpretations of the Quran to … Continue reading The story of a grandmother

Her Plight

by James S Namalira A true life experience of Kozito Eze I was in Lagos for the weekend for a couple of meetings and other personal arrangements sometime in May. I had to make the quick trip totally unplanned, because of how personally important securing bags is to me. But, I had to make a … Continue reading Her Plight