Desert Women

By Hasna, Morocco. These photos might seem dull, yellow, and liveless; and that is not what they truly represent. I took these pictures during my recent visit to the village where I grew up. But abundance flourishes from those muddy and washed out land. Those ruins were once a place of happiness and hot barley … Continue reading Desert Women

Hugs & Guns

Poem by Jumanna, Algeria. Photograph by Hasna, Morocco. She grew up in a world that made her believe that peace is a lie, and the only choice she has is to run and hide, or surrender and die. On her 4th birthday, she woke up to the sound of shouting and loud cries, being carried … Continue reading Hugs & Guns

Mothers Strength

By Gift Mbewe, Zambia  It started just around my thigh area, my hamstrings were literally killing me. It felt as though I had been trying to flex my hamstrings for hours. I thought the pain would go away, but then it gradually started shifting towards my knees, into my calves and right down to my … Continue reading Mothers Strength

A Whore by Maryem Gamar, Morocco

A Whore. That is how they called her and any other women in Arab-Speaking countries. Women are called this if they dare to barge out of the social traditions that make their body a barn from which animals of this misogynistic species feed. Their freedom increases or decreases according to the politics of the country, … Continue reading A Whore by Maryem Gamar, Morocco


By Rawan, Libya It was a cool summer day, unlike other summer days with no electricity, breeze or anything special. This day was the opposite, as it had all of these things, especially something special. My brother, Anis, had just opened the garage of our house to introduce a new friend, my first car! It took … Continue reading Drive!

Your only responsability is to speak up! By Oumaima, Morocco

It was noon and I was leaving the hospital after our morning rounds to head towards a meeting I was really excited about at the Norwegian embassy. I walked out and took the first cab I found, I was too excited and nervous to notice that the driver already had 2 clients in the back … Continue reading Your only responsability is to speak up! By Oumaima, Morocco

Be Whoever You Want To Be! by Samah Eitah, Israel\Palestine

An unrecognized Palestinian walking in Israel: I’m a Palestinian woman living within the Israeli borders. I wasn’t religiously dedicated throughout my life. I've had my ups and downs. If you are a woman, Arab Palestinian who is included in the Israeli borders you are more likely to face doubled judgmental looks, racism, discrimination and harsh … Continue reading Be Whoever You Want To Be! by Samah Eitah, Israel\Palestine