To Suffer In Silence

By Youba, Morocco No one can deny the importance of sex in our lives. It has uncountable benefits for our bodies, brains, and souls. Sexual intercourse is not just a way of distraction, it also counts as an exercise that can help us reduce stress, lower blood pressure, prevent heart attacks and boost the immune … Continue reading To Suffer In Silence

Childhood Guilt

by Orit Ramot, Israel I grew up in a small village in Israel, or as we called it a Moshav. A place where everyone knows everyone. On one hand it was great because we all felt very safe, like living in a bubble. But on the other hand, in such small places anyone who is … Continue reading Childhood Guilt

A Greater Journey by Christina W., Israel

It was a long, hot day, very typical for southern India at this time of year. By the time the sun rose over the palm trees and the pink roofs of the Ashram, hundreds of people were already roaming the small dusty roads on their way to breakfast, coming together for the morning chant and … Continue reading A Greater Journey by Christina W., Israel

The Last Boy by Arik Sharga, Israel

I loved my grandpa. He didn't talk much, but when he did, he was honest and precise. He was as reliable as a human being can be. When I was 5, my parents divorced, and grandpa was like a father for me. In his youth, he survived the siege of Leningrad during World War II, … Continue reading The Last Boy by Arik Sharga, Israel

My Brother’s Keeper by Liora V., Israel

Love is never easy. Love is always complicated. And it is always the ones we love the most who will hurt us the deepest. I don’t know why that is. I just know that a few times in my life I have played with fire and lost big time, or gravely burnt my hands, at … Continue reading My Brother’s Keeper by Liora V., Israel

His Eyes by Or Avrahami, Israel

His eyes were dark black portraying some kind of calmness and turbulence at the same time. His eyes didn't tell a thing but if you looked longer than a few seconds, they said everything. I looked at them curiously, trying to understand who is this young man standing in front of me. He looked at … Continue reading His Eyes by Or Avrahami, Israel