Hugs & Guns

Poem by Jumanna, Algeria. Photograph by Hasna, Morocco. She grew up in a world that made her believe that peace is a lie, and the only choice she has is to run and hide, or surrender and die. On her 4th birthday, she woke up to the sound of shouting and loud cries, being carried … Continue reading Hugs & Guns

To Suffer In Silence

By Youba, Morocco No one can deny the importance of sex in our lives. It has uncountable benefits for our bodies, brains, and souls. Sexual intercourse is not just a way of distraction, it also counts as an exercise that can help us reduce stress, lower blood pressure, prevent heart attacks and boost the immune … Continue reading To Suffer In Silence

15 years old boy murdered for “looking gay”

By Mariyem, Morocco Dirt and blood were splattered over his body. His voice weakly whispering in an Iraqi accent, asking what was happening, between a state of life and death. The murderer held his phone, recording a video and talking with the struggling 15 year old’s body in an indifferent tone. Hamoudi Al Matiri asked, … Continue reading 15 years old boy murdered for “looking gay”

A Whore by Maryem Gamar, Morocco

A Whore. That is how they called her and any other women in Arab-Speaking countries. Women are called this if they dare to barge out of the social traditions that make their body a barn from which animals of this misogynistic species feed. Their freedom increases or decreases according to the politics of the country, … Continue reading A Whore by Maryem Gamar, Morocco

Your only responsability is to speak up! By Oumaima, Morocco

It was noon and I was leaving the hospital after our morning rounds to head towards a meeting I was really excited about at the Norwegian embassy. I walked out and took the first cab I found, I was too excited and nervous to notice that the driver already had 2 clients in the back … Continue reading Your only responsability is to speak up! By Oumaima, Morocco


by Mayssa Benyounes, Tunisia   ...And all of a sudden you figure out that when people see you, they think about men! “Doesn't she have a father?” “Wouldn't she have a husband?” “Where is her father?” “Why is she like that?” “Why is she FREE?” “She mustn't think!” “CUT HER BREATH!” “When will she get … Continue reading Schizophrenia

#MEN’too by Amine Hajji, Tunisia

Since October 2017, thousands of men in power have been crawling out of their skin, heavily drinking, and recalling every interaction they had with a woman which might be considered –surprisingly to them- as a form of sexual harassment. The “Breaking News” theme of every major media update for the past two months has been … Continue reading #MEN’too by Amine Hajji, Tunisia