women’s World Cup: More than just football!

By Dalya Arussy, Israel “We wouldn’t have known the Women’s World Cup was happening if you hadn’t said anything.” I sat in front of him tight-lipped, giving a pitiful smile. Most likely, I also rolled my eyes.  Although I’m passionate about all forms of football, I generally don’t force it into conversations, especially not women’s … Continue reading women’s World Cup: More than just football!

300 jeunes ont marché pour la paix au Mali

Le 29 mai la "6ème Commémoration annuelle de la Déclaration pour la Paix Mondiale et de la Marche pour la Paix" s'est déroulée à l'école LAFIA de Bamako. Cet événement annuel, organisé pour la première fois au Mali par le Groupe International de la Jeunesse pour la Paix (IPYG), en partenariat avec Peace One Day … Continue reading 300 jeunes ont marché pour la paix au Mali

Northern Nigeria & Internal Displacement

I was born, and have lived over half of my life in Kaduna State, which is located in northern Nigeria. I was born during the 1992 Zangon Kataf crisis, which was a result of an explosive mix of religious and ethnic rivalry. This crisis led to the burning of buildings, destruction of property, the death … Continue reading Northern Nigeria & Internal Displacement

The story of a grandmother

By Youba D, Morocco Scholars of gender have identified two significant divisions among Moroccan women’s movements. Secular-oriented Moroccan women attempt to achieve gender equality outside the realm of religion and based on international conventions, such as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Alternatively, Islamic-focused Moroccan women turn to feminist interpretations of the Quran to … Continue reading The story of a grandmother

Her Plight

by James S Namalira A true life experience of Kozito Eze I was in Lagos for the weekend for a couple of meetings and other personal arrangements sometime in May. I had to make the quick trip totally unplanned, because of how personally important securing bags is to me. But, I had to make a … Continue reading Her Plight

All the Undisclosed Stories of the City

By Ala Oueslati I still get lost in New York. I will probably still always get lost in New York. Because it is a gigantic city, but also because I have a terrible sense of direction that even my phone GPS can’t rectify. This city is a magical place. With a great deal of diversity, … Continue reading All the Undisclosed Stories of the City

On That Bloody Monday…

By MacElhadi, Sudan Their bodies left us, but their memories still linger on. The secluded which have been forced upon us by the Transitional military council continues. We are not connected with the rest of the world. Our hearts filled with pain and sadness in light of the shocking and heinous crime which took place … Continue reading On That Bloody Monday…