Hugs & Guns

Poem by Jumanna, Algeria. Photograph by Hasna, Morocco. She grew up in a world that made her believe that peace is a lie, and the only choice she has is to run and hide, or surrender and die. On her 4th birthday, she woke up to the sound of shouting and loud cries, being carried … Continue reading Hugs & Guns

His Eyes by Or Avrahami, Israel

His eyes were dark black portraying some kind of calmness and turbulence at the same time. His eyes didn't tell a thing but if you looked longer than a few seconds, they said everything. I looked at them curiously, trying to understand who is this young man standing in front of me. He looked at … Continue reading His Eyes by Or Avrahami, Israel

My Favorite Story by Mouad – Morocco

I saw, in my dream that I was walking between foreign houses, holding many books. Each book consisted of many other books proliferating endlessly. Coming to a verse of any poem written inside the book, I fond myself looking at its poet's name. Then, I saw his face. I put the book down beside him … Continue reading My Favorite Story by Mouad – Morocco