Traditional Tunis

 By Imen, Tunisia I took these photos in the lovely Medina of Tunis, my favorite place in the city.     In these photos, you can see a young Tunisian guy who is working hard at a traditional job, which he inherited from his father. He's doing it with love and passion, and he was … Continue reading Traditional Tunis

Chaos & Faith

By Paula Where chaos and faith are found in every corner: Jerusalem       This is just one example of the important work produced by YaLa’s citizen journalists, a program funded by the European Union’s Peacebuilding Initiative in order to enable young leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa to document and … Continue reading Chaos & Faith


Youba Darif, Morocco   Buildings also can speak and tell people's stories, history, lifestyle, visions, struggles, hopes, and aspirations. During my recent travels in my country, Morocco, I discovered the essence of my magnificent culture and civilization by looking at the small details in buildings which witness a tremendous history. Each building in the following … Continue reading Buildings

Riding the Donkey Backwards by Asil Ibrahim-Khalil, Palestine

It was a hot, sunny July day in Phoenix, Arizona. It was amazing seeing the long green cacti on my way to visit ASU, Arizona State University, with a group of eight Birzeit University students. I remember wearing light blue jeans, a beige top, a scarf and, of course, my light sneakers. We were excited … Continue reading Riding the Donkey Backwards by Asil Ibrahim-Khalil, Palestine

Tales of Tripoli: Vivid Colors Despite The Paleness of Dismay by Rawan, Libya

Movements of the Tripoli streets are unaffected by life in Libya, or lack thereof in this case. Every day is a new day. We thank God for what we are given, we drive our children to school, we buy the groceries our wives ordered, we do our tedious jobs and... and we make lemonade.  

A Greater Journey by Christina W., Israel

It was a long, hot day, very typical for southern India at this time of year. By the time the sun rose over the palm trees and the pink roofs of the Ashram, hundreds of people were already roaming the small dusty roads on their way to breakfast, coming together for the morning chant and … Continue reading A Greater Journey by Christina W., Israel

Count Your Blessings

By Bracha Rapaport, Israel Sometimes I have those moments where I feel so lucky to be alive, I feel blessed to be a part of something greater than myself. That is what it was like for me to volunteer in Africa, a place truly impoverished and underdeveloped in relation to my country, Israel. Ever since 9th … Continue reading Count Your Blessings