Northern Nigeria & Internal Displacement

I was born, and have lived over half of my life in Kaduna State, which is located in northern Nigeria. I was born during the 1992 Zangon Kataf crisis, which was a result of an explosive mix of religious and ethnic rivalry. This crisis led to the burning of buildings, destruction of property, the death … Continue reading Northern Nigeria & Internal Displacement

On That Bloody Monday…

By MacElhadi, Sudan Their bodies left us, but their memories still linger on. The secluded which have been forced upon us by the Transitional military council continues. We are not connected with the rest of the world. Our hearts filled with pain and sadness in light of the shocking and heinous crime which took place … Continue reading On That Bloody Monday…

It’s a Matter of Perspectives

By Elianne Kremer, Israel. Six months after I arrived to Israel, I was living in Jerusalem and the terrorist attacks began. I didn’t really understand what was going on. People were afraid, it was possible to feel the discomfort in public spaces, in the bus mainly. Nobody wanted to be there, as if the expectancy … Continue reading It’s a Matter of Perspectives

A Secret History

By Lior Vered, Israel. My grandfather died a few days after I was born. He was in the hospital for a minor illness and was supposed to be released in a few days. The doctors said it would be ill-advised to bring a newborn to the disease-filled hospital. So, I have never met my grandfather, … Continue reading A Secret History

Far Away From the Square

by Fatima, Egypt. I tell this story from the blurry memories of my younger self. I do remember that it was a time when the whole world seemed to stand still. Tomorrow was so unpredictable then. Yet somehow, and despite everything, it looked much brighter than before. What seemed like just another mundane Tuesday coinciding … Continue reading Far Away From the Square

A Palestinian refugee, between the hammer of pain and the anvil of hope Chapter I/VI, My Family: The pain just started

By Osama. A   Chapter 1, My Family: The pain just started   1948. This is the year when my family was first displaced from our homeland in Beer Sheva. It happened during the war, our house and farm were looted in cold blood. My grandfather passed away 10 years ago. He always told me … Continue reading A Palestinian refugee, between the hammer of pain and the anvil of hope Chapter I/VI, My Family: The pain just started

I’m tolerant, however…

By Riahi Since my childhood, peace and war were the main topics talked about in my school, my family gatherings, on TV, on the radio, my Facebook newsfeed, and more. When people talk about war, I knew what I can imagine: conflicts, bombs, fire, death, corps, guns, hate, and tears. But peace! Oh dear, what's … Continue reading I’m tolerant, however…