Hugs & Guns

Poem by Jumanna, Algeria. Photograph by Hasna, Morocco. She grew up in a world that made her believe that peace is a lie, and the only choice she has is to run and hide, or surrender and die. On her 4th birthday, she woke up to the sound of shouting and loud cries, being carried … Continue reading Hugs & Guns

Supreme Objective

Mushriq Al-Quraishi, Iraq In the middle of 2006, a civil war began in my hometown in Iraq. I was 18-years-old and in my final year of high school. My family moved to the Kurdistan Region and I was obliged to finish my final exam at my grandfather's house. It was really hard for me, I … Continue reading Supreme Objective

15 years old boy murdered for “looking gay”

By Mariyem, Morocco Dirt and blood were splattered over his body. His voice weakly whispering in an Iraqi accent, asking what was happening, between a state of life and death. The murderer held his phone, recording a video and talking with the struggling 15 year old’s body in an indifferent tone. Hamoudi Al Matiri asked, … Continue reading 15 years old boy murdered for “looking gay”

The Box by Khaled K, Syria

Five years ago, I was living in a box. Not literally a box, but an extremely small room. When I lived inside this box, I lived like an animal in a cage. My life was controlled by other people. There were eighty people in this small box, all so close together that we were almost one. … Continue reading The Box by Khaled K, Syria

The Last Boy by Arik Sharga, Israel

I loved my grandpa. He didn't talk much, but when he did, he was honest and precise. He was as reliable as a human being can be. When I was 5, my parents divorced, and grandpa was like a father for me. In his youth, he survived the siege of Leningrad during World War II, … Continue reading The Last Boy by Arik Sharga, Israel

Fearing the Next Explosion

by Aziza Roshani, Afganistan It was the first week of the month of Ramadan, May 31st 2017, and a regular summer day in Chittagong, Bangladesh, the place where I had come from my home, Afghanistan, to study. At 1:30pm, I was on my way to my performing arts class. That day, I woke up late … Continue reading Fearing the Next Explosion

Stopping the Cycle

Since I was very young, I have always had so many questions. I always wondered, “Why there are hungry people in this world even though we have enough food to feed everyone? Why do people die from curable diseases just because they can’t pay for medical care? Why is there war even when most people … Continue reading Stopping the Cycle