From Pain Into Action

We are all humans, with blood and feelings. When words come from our authentic heart, this will reach out to other people’s hearts and minds. I believe in change, I want to make a change in my community and other communities, I want to show all the world my story as a Palestinian refugee. I … Continue reading From Pain Into Action

The Change Just Started / A Palestinian refugee between the hammer of pain and the anvil of hope

By Sam, Palestine After graduating from university in 2015, I spent three years moving around the cities of the West Bank, unemployed and looking for a job or any other opportunity. Given the situation of favouritism and nepotism in my country, all my attempts meant nothing, and I lived three years in a bubble of … Continue reading The Change Just Started / A Palestinian refugee between the hammer of pain and the anvil of hope


By Malak AT, Libya  When we think of the term war, we immediately connect it to loss, grief, and sadness. It is part of the world’s history; it is both gain and loss. One party will win while another will lose and the loss in itself can be in many different forms: emotional, physical, as … Continue reading THE MEMORY OF WAR

women’s World Cup: More than just football!

By Dalya Arussy, Israel “We wouldn’t have known the Women’s World Cup was happening if you hadn’t said anything.” I sat in front of him tight-lipped, giving a pitiful smile. Most likely, I also rolled my eyes.  Although I’m passionate about all forms of football, I generally don’t force it into conversations, especially not women’s … Continue reading women’s World Cup: More than just football!

Deal of the Century: Why We Refuse!

By Mazen, Palestine Actually,  I am not exactly sure why we are refusing it; however, when digging deeper into Palestinian media parties you will find a kind of Schizophrenia.  Let me tell you how! We, as Palestinians, are divided into political, social, economic and religious groups, therefore we still do not know what we want … Continue reading Deal of the Century: Why We Refuse!

Northern Nigeria & Internal Displacement

I was born, and have lived over half of my life in Kaduna State, which is located in northern Nigeria. I was born during the 1992 Zangon Kataf crisis, which was a result of an explosive mix of religious and ethnic rivalry. This crisis led to the burning of buildings, destruction of property, the death … Continue reading Northern Nigeria & Internal Displacement

The story of a grandmother

By Youba D, Morocco Scholars of gender have identified two significant divisions among Moroccan women’s movements. Secular-oriented Moroccan women attempt to achieve gender equality outside the realm of religion and based on international conventions, such as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Alternatively, Islamic-focused Moroccan women turn to feminist interpretations of the Quran to … Continue reading The story of a grandmother