Magnificence of Sidi Bou by Meriem Somai, Tunisia

I would like to share with you my favorite pictures that I took with my phone. They reflect the oriental taste of the Middle Eastern and Northern African countries. After coming back from the United States, I started looking at my country, Tunisia,  from a different perspective. I am proud that Tunisia is rich regarding … Continue reading Magnificence of Sidi Bou by Meriem Somai, Tunisia

Jordanian Gold by Ibrahem Khatib, Israel\Palestine (Photo-essay)

This was the first time I planned a proper surprise for someone I love and admire. Her name is Hila, and she is an amazing young woman. We traveled by plane from Tel-Aviv to Eilat, crossed the border to Jordan. At the Jordanian side, we met Yousuf, a handsome young man at the age of … Continue reading Jordanian Gold by Ibrahem Khatib, Israel\Palestine (Photo-essay)

Chad by Meriem, Algeria (photo-essay)

Recently, I was lucky enough to be a part of the International Slam Festival in Tchad called N'Djam "s'enflamme en Slam'. It was a very unique experience in which I discovered the REAL AFRICA! I am also African, and the clichés about Africa being a poor, 3rd world country was not apparent to me in … Continue reading Chad by Meriem, Algeria (photo-essay)

Gazan Jewels by Belal, Palestine

Gaza is one of the oldest cities in the world. Its architecture denotes unique eras of variant civilizations: Ottoman, Roman, and Greek. It is a fertile land of religious monuments. I had always wanted to explore my city and see its details in depth until the beginning of last April when I decided to go … Continue reading Gazan Jewels by Belal, Palestine

Seasons by Hicham Azair – Tunisia [Photo Essay]

The beauty of this place situated in my hometown "Ribat Elkhir, Morocco",makes me memorize it in various seasons and compare the scenery. Nothing in this life is stable, everything is relative. As the photos show the same place but not the same view, humans can be changed suddenly, this changes can be observed in the … Continue reading Seasons by Hicham Azair – Tunisia [Photo Essay]