What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for a cause you believed in?

"We’ve been outraged, you and me by these new laws, and frustrated because we didn’t know what to do! Well, you have a way to do something now! I am proud of you, your baby nephew is proud of his auntie and Grandma would be the proudest of all! You’re going".

Cent mille by Islam Bouroudi, Algeria – VIDEO –

https://youtu.be/nqfFGx4sYPo In the  recent months many African refugees from Mali and Niger have left their countries escaping from hunger and war. Some of them have found themselves in Algeria, but they didn't get the best care. I decided toreact and do my best to help them. Due to my experience in social media and film-making, … Continue reading Cent mille by Islam Bouroudi, Algeria – VIDEO –