Listen Close

By Orit Ramot Peace-Building, how does one create real and sustainable peace? In my opinion, the process of peace must start from the bottom, rather than being parachuted down from above by the leaders on each side. The correct peace process includes having cycles of dialogue in order to create internal discourse within the societies … Continue reading Listen Close

Mothers Strength

By Gift Mbewe, Zambia  It started just around my thigh area, my hamstrings were literally killing me. It felt as though I had been trying to flex my hamstrings for hours. I thought the pain would go away, but then it gradually started shifting towards my knees, into my calves and right down to my … Continue reading Mothers Strength

Tales of Imilchil

By Youba Darif, Morocco I am called Youba, a name given to me by my father, who was deeply in love with the Amazigh culture of North Africa. I Discovered the meaning of my name when his fingertips traced the papers of a history book that told the story of the great Amazighi King Youba. … Continue reading Tales of Imilchil

Putting A Smile On A Sad Face

By Wafa A few years ago, before the Tunisian Revolution, I wasn’t engaged in any volunteer activities nor affiliated with any NGO. Recently, I’ve been hooked on helping others, filled to the bone with it. Just as my religion encourages, I am kind to my neighbors and my surroundings, but I didn’t expect helping war … Continue reading Putting A Smile On A Sad Face