Memories from Damascus…

By Moulham, Syria In 2005, I was studying at the best private school in Damascus.  Al Saade School, which in English means “the happiness school”, and I thought I was happy, when my biggest dream was to run my father’s jewellery shop and study cinema at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts. As a result … Continue reading Memories from Damascus…

Traditional Tunis

 By Imen, Tunisia I took these photos in the lovely Medina of Tunis, my favorite place in the city.     In these photos, you can see a young Tunisian guy who is working hard at a traditional job, which he inherited from his father. He's doing it with love and passion, and he was … Continue reading Traditional Tunis

Peace is Possible by HALA ATASSI [Photo Essay]

SYRIA — “Peace is possible.” That was the title of the community initiative on the day of world peace on November 21, this past year, led by the Junior Chamber International of Hamah City in Syria we participated in this special day. This initiative was sponsored by UNICEF and received media coverage, because of good … Continue reading Peace is Possible by HALA ATASSI [Photo Essay]

Art in Yemen by Amr, Yemen – photo essay –

I tried to take photos of the city but I wasn't allowed to, I needed permission from officials so I thought of giving you a brief perspective of Aden city, a coastal southern city in Yemen, through paintings. Yesterday, there was an opening event in the poorly-funded city gallery so I found it an opportunity … Continue reading Art in Yemen by Amr, Yemen – photo essay –

Discover Palestine through Art by Manar Anwar Hmouz, Palestine

Although the Palestinian struggle is as a great source of inspiration for many Palestinian artists, the political character of Palestine does not solely define Palestinian art. Palestinian modern art has become part of the successive process in which Palestinian culture and heritage is celebrated. Every now and then, we hear about creative Palestinian youth who … Continue reading Discover Palestine through Art by Manar Anwar Hmouz, Palestine

The Mastermind by Maher Masri, Tunisia

That painting intrigues me. It is the one which has left me dazzled till today. It keeps haunting my mind. That lovely lady is the mystery of the universe. She is still being analyzed by connoisseurs of art. You've probably recognized her. It is Mona Lisa indeed. Its painter is unique. A man passionate for life, a visionary genius. … Continue reading The Mastermind by Maher Masri, Tunisia