Childlike Heart

 By Yousra, Morocco When we are born, we enter the world as a tabula rasa: nothing is written on us. We have only a future, no past. That is the meaning of innocence. We lose our childlike innocence as time passes, as we grow up and experience the world. I, as a child, was purely … Continue reading Childlike Heart

Declare your Love by Naji Al Khaldi – Yemen

I remember the summer of 2001,  ‎‏Me and my younger brothers and sisters were very happy to move to the new house in Sanaa city , but we were also   sad to see our father who would never go back to the country where he worked and where he was from. Hours before my father … Continue reading Declare your Love by Naji Al Khaldi – Yemen

What’s in a name? by Hen Gur-Harye, Israel

What's in a name? Well actually, a lot of things. Your culture, your family’s history, your parents’ secrets. You are born with a label that defines you. A few letters bunched together that represent something more complex than just a definition - they represent you, a living, breathing human being. I personally have had a … Continue reading What’s in a name? by Hen Gur-Harye, Israel


ALGERIA — My story began when I was around five years old. I had two sisters and one brother much older than me, and much busier than me. My parents worked a lot, especially my mother, and I respected her a lot...

When Kids Play with Fire by IBTISSAM CAHBOUNI

MOROCCO — On one Sunday morning, my father left very early to play his sport. My mother left the house too because she was enrolled in a training program. On her way, she used to take my little brother, who was then 9 years old, to a Sunday school. I woke up to my sister’s loud voice asking me what I was cooking and forgot in the oven. I was very shocked because I thought my sister was the one cooking in the kitchen and burnt what she was cooking. The smell was very bad...