Freedom by Yosra Béjaoui – Tunisia

I don't remember the exact day but it was on January 2009. It was a very normal and peaceful day in Tunisia but unfortunately it wasn't the case in another place of the world (2300 kilometers away to be exact). It was the Israel-Gaza war. The Gaza strip was hit by airstrikes, unfortunately, bombs don't … Continue reading Freedom by Yosra Béjaoui – Tunisia

Refugee Pride by Houcem, Tunisia

Omar is a 32 years old male refugee from Kobbaijep- Syria. He moved to Canada a year ago under the asylum program. His story started 9 years ago when he started his bachelor degree in music at the University of Damascus. His first year was “hell” as he described it. People didn’t like the way … Continue reading Refugee Pride by Houcem, Tunisia

Demonstration in Tel Aviv by Yahel Galili – Israel [PHOTO ESSAY]

To mark 50 years of Israel's ongoing occupation of the West Bank, a large rally was held in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square. Left wing politicians, artists and organization leaders got on stage to speak for peace and against the current government's choice not to promote it. Further captions for each individual photo: 1- Largely unpopular … Continue reading Demonstration in Tel Aviv by Yahel Galili – Israel [PHOTO ESSAY]

I Want You to Be a Man by MOHAMED

GAZA, PALESTINE — The power was off while the dark sky was moonless, empty, except of some reconnaissance drones that I thought were bright stars in the dawn. Everything was pretty quiet, and everyone from my family inside one room of our small unpainted house was sleeping and snoring on their mattresses without blankets. The atmosphere was really hot, and I was listening to the radio. That was the last thing I could remember before I slept.

University Life by Imen, Tunisia – photo essay –

In the middle of this small community also called "university," I like to share with you a part of my everyday life, sometimes I even spend almost all the day there. With these strange people whom I meet almost everyday yet I only know a few among this group. These beautiful individuals shown in the pictures … Continue reading University Life by Imen, Tunisia – photo essay –