Refugee Pride by Houcem, Tunisia

Omar is a 32 years old male refugee from Kobbaijep- Syria. He moved to Canada a year ago under the asylum program. His story started 9 years ago when he started his bachelor degree in music at the University of Damascus. His first year was “hell” as he described it. People didn’t like the way … Continue reading Refugee Pride by Houcem, Tunisia

Homophobia in Tunisia by Rahma Sghaier, Tunisia

Homophobia in Tunisia: People hate gays because of what non-gay people do! Homophobia in Tunisia is a very common unhealthy attitude. Unlike what many people think, homophobia is due to various factors besides the religious one. It’s out of question today, as it always has been, to talk in public about gay rights. Recently, bringing this … Continue reading Homophobia in Tunisia by Rahma Sghaier, Tunisia