Any port in a storm by Duha, Palestine

"I never thought I would become an English teacher," my mother said. This story I am going to tell is my mother's. I dreamed of being a doctor, I always have. My father told me, “Just pass your Tawjihi exam with a high mark and I will send you to France, to study medicine.” I … Continue reading Any port in a storm by Duha, Palestine

Peaceful Jerusalem by Aliza Davids, Israel – PHOTO ESSAY

Jerusalem is the most calm and the most tense place all at once. It's also my favorite city to photograph. Tomorrow, May 24th, marks fifty years since the reunification of Jerusalem which was once split and partially controlled by Jordan. For the Jews this was a very significant event because they were finally able to … Continue reading Peaceful Jerusalem by Aliza Davids, Israel – PHOTO ESSAY

Jerusalem by John Emerezian

Each and every stone of the old city reflexes historical and spiritual inspiration. Each souvenir shop provides the old city’s inheritance. The holiest of all cities. Unforgettable experience and indescribable feeling. This is just one example of the important work produced YaLa’s citizen journalists, a program funded by the European Union’s Peacebuilding Initiative in order … Continue reading Jerusalem by John Emerezian

Transparent by Kessem Adiv, Israel

  In the past four months, I have been teaching Hebrew twice a week to a group of social workers from East Jerusalem. They come to learn Hebrew (with an exceptional enthusiasm and determination, it should be noted), and I come to teach them Hebrew. At first, that was the atmosphere - I'm the teacher, … Continue reading Transparent by Kessem Adiv, Israel