Droplets of Shame by Karin Attia – Israel

For as long as I can remember, I’ve constantly qualified my identity. Israeli-Moroccan, American-Israeli, born in Israel, but raised in California as if I wanted to remove myself from my birthplace, from my heritage, from my grandparents refuge. Constantly putting a distance between my born identity and not wanting to be labeled as an occupier. … Continue reading Droplets of Shame by Karin Attia – Israel

Beyond Our Differences by Rahma Henchiri from Tunisia

Before I started working at Skaramagas refugee camp in Athens, I did not know what to expect from the children. Ever since I can remember, I have been hearing about the Yazidi-Arab tension; and thus, being an Arab myself, I was worried that my hopes of becoming the girls’ older sister would eventually turn to … Continue reading Beyond Our Differences by Rahma Henchiri from Tunisia

Discover Erbil by BAREZ AHMED [Photo Essay]

IRAQ/KURDISTAN — These pictures are of Erbil citadel. Erbil citadel is a famous place for tourists in Iraq. Erbil city  is the capital of Kurdistan. The castle and the citadel are the guardians of centuries of history. 

Living in the Present as a Good Leader by BAREZ AHMAD

IRAQ/KURDISTAN — I believe that good leaders have many different qualities, but one that unites them all is their wish to create a comfortable, peaceful circumstance for society as a whole by tackling those existing troubles that face a community. In doing so, they avoid planting any negative thoughts in society or the environment...

Sabunkaran Alley by SARYAS SAEED

IRAQ/KURDISTAN — I was born in Sabunkaran Alley, one of the three ancient alleys built in 1784 by King Ibrahim, the Emperor of Baban in Sulaimaniya City. It was the home of the great poet Tawfeq Mahmoud Hamza, also known as Piramerd and, through the years, it has become the heart of the city center...

Welcome back, Hero by Omid, Kurdistan/Iran

Today I was checking the news and I saw a report that was unbelievable and shocking for me. Even to this day, it surprises me. The news was shocking as I read, someone sacrifice himself for saving a dog. In the Kurdish region of Iran, civil society activities are very diverse despite the harsh pressure … Continue reading Welcome back, Hero by Omid, Kurdistan/Iran